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Converting a PDF document to a word file is something that people do every day. People usually have several reasons for converting their PDF files into word documents. One of the reasons is that word documents are very simple to edit. They can be edited readily without much trouble. All you have to do is to open the document using MS word program and you are good to go. However, if the document is protected with a password, you will need to know the password in order to edit it.

The conversion of a PDF document into a word document can be done using many methods and one of them is by the use of a PDF converter to word. The internet is filled with many of these converters and you can choose to use any of them.

The conversion of a PDF document to a word file can be done to an entire PDF document or just part of it. In this article, we will be looking at how you can convert only part of a PDF document to a word file.

Select the text you want to convert to Word

To convert part of a PDF document into a word document, you will need to start by opening the document in a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader. Next, you will need to select the text that you want to convert and then copy it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. Next, you will have to paste the copied text to an MS word document.

To accomplish this process, there is something you need to understand first. You can only select text in a PDF document if the document was created from a document that was made using a digital word processor such as word. However, if the PDF document in question was created from a scanned hard copy document, it cannot readily allow you to select text unless you apply OCR on it. OCR stands for Optimal Character Recognition and it helps to recognize in an image-based PDF document. It is used to make PDF documents searchable and editable.

Paste the copied text into a Word document

When you have selected and copied the piece of text you want to convert to a word document, you should paste it to MS word. You can do this easily using the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut. If the text has some formatting that you may want to be retained in the new document, you will need to choose the right paste option. The three paste options available to you are merge formatting, paste text only, and keep source formatting.

Last words…

This option of converting a PDF document to a word document can be used to convert an entire file. However, it may be a time-consuming option if you are dealing with a huge document. That is why you might want to consider using a free online PDF to MS word converter.

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