Filing a Car Accident Claim in Fort Wayne -How The Process Looks Like?

In 2020, approximately 41.5% people suffered injury due to car accidents in 2020. Getting into a car accident can be one of the scariest situations for the drivers as well as their families. Mainly when the accident occurs due to someone else’s fault, things can get confusing regarding how to pay your medical bills, damages, and other costs. 

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a fault-based state. This means the party at fault is liable to pay for the expenses of the injured person. When you go with a Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer, they will make sure you get the maximum compensation that will cover all the losses you incurred and hold the negligent party accountable.  

Before starting the legal procedure

In Indiana, you can get compensation by filing a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance policy or pursuing a lawsuit. Before proceeding ahead, your attorney will investigate and evaluate your case thoroughly. In this stage, they will collect evidence against the at-fault party as much as possible. This will ensure your case is stronger and contains no loopholes. 

Drafting a Demand letter

A demand letter is an official document/letter that your lawyer will file a draft on your behalf. The letter contains an overview of your accident along with what your compensation is expected to be. This letter is sent to the insurance company on your behalf. 

Getting a response from the insurance company

After you send the demand letter, you should expect to hear from the insurance company soon. Once the insurance company goes through the letter, they will respond back with their verdict. If the insurance company agrees with your demands, you may proceed to the further procedure. However, if you think the insurance company is not doing justice to your claim, you can move ahead with filing a personal injury lawsuit. 

What happens when you file a personal injury lawsuit in Fort Wayne?

After you take legal action, the defendant gets a limited time to respond. They can choose to file a motion to dismiss the case, settle the case out of court, file a counter-lawsuit, file a motion for a more defensive statement, or give no response. After that, your case will go to trial. 

During the trial, your lawyer will work together with you and guide you. Finally, the judgment depends on the jury or the judge. 

Speak to a car accident lawyer!

To ensure your process goes hassle-free and you get the deserving compensation, make sure to speak to a car accident lawyer!

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