Getting a Divorce: How to Break the News to Your Spouse

If you and your spouse have been constantly bickering and fighting for a long time, it might be time to consider separating. Whether this has to do with your changing priorities or emotional disconnect, you may want to end your marriage, hopefully in a peaceful way. However, you might not know how to tell your spouse about your intention to divorce. You want to approach your spouse without starting a war. An experienced lehi divorce attorney can give you options on how to get about getting divorced. Should you and your spouse decide to work together, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce, which is less stressful than a contested one. If you are ready to tell your spouse about your decision to file for divorce, consider the following tips:

Ensure You are Truly Ready for Divorce

Marriage has its ups and downs. You probably had a lot of quarrels before and were able to settle things up. Before you tell your spouse about your desire to divorce, be honest with yourself first and ensure this is really what you want. Have you thought about the consequences of divorce? Are you truly ready to live a life without your spouse? If you still have strong feelings for your spouse and still not sure about getting a divorce, think about your options. Sometimes, individual or couples counseling can help couples with issues in their marriage. 

Decide Where and When to Break the News

When you approach your spouse and tell them that you are ready for divorce, have this serious discussion at the right time and place. You don’t want to break the news to your spouse when they just recently lost their job or a family member is ill. This may not be the perfect time to talk about divorce as your spouse may not be as receptive and willing to communicate healthily. 

Make sure to plan your approach. Select a peaceful time when your spouse is calm, relaxed, and more receptive to your news. Ensure there is plenty of time for you to talk. And explain why you want a divorce in a way that does not make the other party resentful. 

Talk Calmly

Approach your spouse without anger, blame, resentment, or frustration. During your conversation, concentrate on talking about the future and do not re-hash past arguments or assign blame. After breaking the news, give your spouse enough time to deal with the emotional effects, then start moving forward. You can more peacefully navigate this emotionally challenging and tough process if you work with a trained professional. 

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