Guide to Creating In-Store Signage

If you are about to launch a retail outlet, there is much to consider, and your in-store signage is a critical element of store ambience. There are several principles to follow when creating in-store signage, and with that in mind, here is a brief guide on creating effective in-store signage.

  • Visibility – Informational signage needs to be visible from any location within the store, and text size needs to be large enough to be seen, yet not too big to look out of proportion with the sign. If you source a shop that sells different types of signs (ร้าน รับ ทำ ป้าย ทุก ชนิด in Thai), they would have an expert who can guide you through the artwork process, plus they can print on any kind of medium.
  • Branding – In-store signage is a great opportunity to boost your branding, so try to include your company colours and possibly the logo. You will need to work out exactly what your signage needs to say regarding essential information, and the signage company can help with this, as they have a wealth of hands-on experience in creating informational signage.
  • Think Themed – Your signage should have a colour theme, and you should use the same font throughout, which will give your signage some consistency. Company colours are preferable, and try to contrast the background and text colour to assist with reading.
  • Calls to Action – These are designed to persuade the store visitor to make a purchase, some examples include; “Buy Now While Stocks Last”, “Sale Ends This Week” and “Buy Now, Pay Later”. A call to action should be placed very close to the product and it doesn’t have to be large, rather it should be very prominent as the visitor picks up the product. Good calls to action can make all the difference, so spend some time on these.
  • Choosing a Font – There are several fonts that are commonly used with in-store signage, including Times New Roman and Impact Bold, as they are easy to read, and this is something to discuss with the signage contractor. You might want to spend a couple of hours walking around your local shopping mall, looking at signage fonts, which will give you some ideas.
  • Sourcing a Signage Company – If you have a friend with a retail outlet, you could ask him about his signage provider, failing that, an online search is the easiest way to source such a business. Look for one that is established and when you are talking to them about your signage, they should be happy to spend as much time on design as is necessary.

Your in-store signage is a critical element of creating the right in-store ambience, therefore, you should spend some time thinking about design and placement, and with the hands-on experience of a local signage provider, you should make all the right choices. It is worth noting that signage can be relocated, if you feel it might be better in another location, so after a month or so, you could review things.

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