Key Tips to Optimize Your Free Word Counter

Word counters are useful for students, coaches, teachers and reference persons. The best part is that these tools are available for free. You don’t have to spend a single penny to download an effective word counter. These tools not only help you in school works but also save your time as well.

The word counter tool tells you the capacity of students learning. Talking and reading time counters tell you how much of your time is going to take your word or text with or without pauses. Free word counter tool also shows the value of verbalize count with spaces and no matter how many words are there in one line. The benefits of the word counter tools are:

o Identify the weak areas of your text. It is useless to have a word counter tool which does not identify the weak and strong points of your text. Many of them come with many features. Most of them are also attractive and pretty. The free word count tool comes with a simple graphical user interface, which does not really require any technical knowledge.

o Determine the reading level of your readers. The free word count tool enables you to determine the reading level of your readers. The features come with different levels which are based on how many words per line you would like to count. You can use the same free word counter tool for both children and adults.

o Highlight the character count of each line. Free word counter come with character counting option which allows you to highlight the number of characters found per line. This will help you determine the word count of each line in your original text. The free word count tool also allows you to indicate the number of lines that contain ambiguous words and other extraneous characters such as punctuation marks. This will enable you to optimize your free word counter program for a particular category.

o Increase the character count of the original text. It is very frustrating when reading text with many words and still cannot understand what the author is trying to say. You might end up skipping many words in the hope of reaching the end of the article. A great feature of a word counter is that it will tell you how many words were skipped over in order to reach the next paragraph. With this feature, you can increase the character count of your original text in order to reach the 500 words limit faster.

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