Pros and cons of Buying Facebook Accounts

Social media is a popular business marketing platform currently. Facebook is now the most popular social network globally according to recent reports. Everybody wants to enhance their account and increase their likes on their pages.

When you just start your page, your account has no likes. You only share with your friends and family and they like your content. You then request them to share with others and to like it too. However, it is still a hard task to grow your client base.

It is more difficult for small-sized establishments with little advertising and resource finances to have likes apart from their internal networks. This implies that for your business to have a huge following base and get all the important social shares and likes, you ought to buy aged Facebook accounts. The major concern would be whether it is safe to buy a Facebook account. As such, below are the pros and cons of going down that route.

Pros of Buying Facebook Accounts

  • Instant followers – when starting a new Facebook account, your profile has zero followers and your content gets no likes. As it is with social media, a huge following and substantial likes are essential for growing your business online. This implies that it is essential to buy Facebook accounts to boost your business visibility. Social media followers are attracted to accounts with a lot of activities and have numerous likes.
  • Create faster impact – more likes and following on your account makes more people like and follow you as well. When you buy old Facebook accounts, you enhance your reach by targeting a larger number of consumers in a short while. This in turn means that you connect with more prospective clients. This saves your efforts and time in creating your account.
  • Save on time – buying Facebook accounts allows you to save time especially when you are just starting. All the time you would have used in creating an account and working on getting followers can now be used to work on improving the business itself.

Cons of Buying Facebook Accounts

  • Shortage of relevant target audience – if you buy an Fb account, you might have to deal with the fact that most of the followers of the bought account are not your actual target audience. However, they may be connected to others who may be connected to your brand.
  • Not a good venture for B to B businesses – buying Facebook accounts may fail to work well for B to B business establishments compared to B to C businesses. If you bought an account with no targeted and non-responsive followers, it is a wastage of resources. It is however wise to buy Facebook accounts with targeted followers for start-ups or B to C ventures.


It would be best to use a mixed approach or concentrate on creating a following than buying an account. Facebook has a way to boost accounts or place ads at low budgets and it can be a better way to reach a wider audience and real potentials clients.

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