What are Stanchions and What are its Types?

Stanchions are genius inventions that lets business owners control and guide the flow of foot traffic without deviating the actual infrastructure of their building. The stanchions are most commonly used because organizing crowds helps in increasing sales for the business.

A stanchion is a sturdy upright fixture that offers support for other objects. It can either be a permanent fixture or freestanding. Stanchions come in handy when it comes to guiding customers and patrons that arrange the crowd into queues in check out and ticket lines. During sale seasons and large stadiums, stanchions also become critical safety devices as they keep the crowd organized in an orderly way that decreases the odds of crowd surges or crushes.

If you have a physical store, then you would need a stanchion. Stanchions enhance the customer experience by establishing a sense of order and claim, increasing customer flow and providing merchandising opportunities. Customers waiting in queues can either use their phones or consider buying the add on items.

Types of stanchions

  1. Retractable Belt Stanchions & Barriers

The best kind of stanchion is the Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion. This kind of stanchion can be both mounted on the wall or free standing varieties and are designed to be flexible and is capable of handling various types of crowds. They can be personalized by putting up your brand logo or message, can be designed in the color and finish of your choice and can also be adjusted in any sized area. Additionally, retractable belt barriers are everlasting, can hold a high volume of foot traffic, can be mounted on the walls or standing option, also comes with replaceable parts that can save money. This stanchion uses an internal spring mechanism for releasing and retracting a nylon belt that is kept in a canister on the post or wall piece.

  1. Post and Rope Stanchions or Classic Metal Posts

This is most commonly found in red carpet events or art museums. These stanchions come with a rope attached to it. When multiple posts are attached together with ropes, they build a crowd control barrier. These posts are installed on a heavy circular base that keeps the stanchion stable and showcases a metal ring near the top: snap ended or a hook. On the basis of your business, there are many kinds of post and rope stanchions available. Classic ones come from the metal finishes and have a number of styles. If you want a classy look, then there is also a chrome finished variety that comes equipped with a ball top, and red velvet ropes will give a royal feel.

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