Employer not allowing to work on light-duty restrictions: Things to know

You suffered a work injury in Richmond and have been prescribed light duty by your doctor. Your employer refuses to allow you to work while you are under these restrictions. What can you possibly do? An on-the-job injury can leave you in a state of despair, and being away from work can only make things worse. While you are entitled to workers’ compensation, things can be awful when your employer doesn’t let you continue. No matter the circumstances, consider consulting a Richmond workers compensation lawyer to know your options. In this post, we have enlisted a few pointers for your help.

The basics

It is pertinent to understand that not all employers have light-duty work, and in some cases, such work can be erratic. As an injured worker, you should let your employer know that you have been assigned light duty and let them know how you are doing. Communication is critical during this time, and you need to call your supervisor as often as possible to know whether there is something for you. Keep a tab on the conversations you have with your managers.

Start looking for a job

If you don’t have an Award from the Commission to rely on for lost wages, it is best to start looking for a job. Injured workers often don’t get lost wage benefits, primarily because they didn’t look for a job as they should have. Start with your resume, and get an expert, if necessary, to create a professional profile. You need to register with the Employment Commission and start looking for jobs that will give you the scope to work while adhering to the restrictions. Being regular is extremely necessary here. Ensure that you have ready records of every job that you have applied for, which shows that you have done your best to find gainful employment. While online portals are great, look for other sources for new jobs.

Why do you need a new job?

You want to get lost wage benefits from the insurance company. When the doctor doesn’t stop you from doing 40 hours of work, you should show that you have been trying. Light duty restrictions are unique to each case, and your doctor may have asked you to stay away from digital devices, which may make it hard to find work.

Talk to a skilled lawyer with experience to confirm that you are doing everything to get the eligible benefits through the workers’ compensation system.

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