Know the steps to sell a UK business

Selling your business is usually the peak of your business journey. The time comes once you like to retire or move on. And finally, take out as much value as you can from your enterprise. It’s a challenging task and a big decision to make. With a lot of legal and tax implications to consider. It is understandable that being your boss and managing your business for sale can be an appealing career move.

Guide for selling a business:

  • Set your goals and expectations
  • Why do you decide to sell your business? You must be ready to retire or to let go of capital to begin a new venture. Maybe, you’ve had partnership disputes and like to move on. Or profits are diminishing and you’re afraid of losing your hard-earned money. You must stick to your goal whatever your reasons are. Whether you have a deadline to meet or an amount you need it to fetch. These targets will make the process more focused. You must be prepared for the deal to take 6 to 9 months, so getting prepared ahead will be critical to reaching your goals.
  • Prepare the business for a sale
  • The main part of selling a business is making it as alluring as possible to secure a buyer. It’s like preparing a house for sale, you like it looking its best. Below are some steps.
  • Develop a strong team and combined structure that would be attractive to buyers
  • Replace/ or fix a broken equipment
  • Solve any disputes with employees, suppliers, and clients
  • Get all your leases and contracts in order
  • Lower your expenses
  • Moderately pass owner duties to the management team
  • Talk to adviser tax (legal, tax, and accounting) on possible deal structures
  • Research the tax you’ll have to pay
  • If you make a profit once you sell your business, you’ll have to pay capital gains tax on anything. Over tax-free allowance, yet some tax reliefs that can reduce the expense.
  • Business asset disposal relief
  • Business asset rollover relief
  • Incorporation relief
  • Gift hold-over relief

You’ll also have to consider the VAT being paid by your company. Once you’re registered for VAT, you can mostly transfer the registration number to the new owner. This is something to ponder when structuring the deal.

  • Time the sale
  • You may already have a business sale deadline, yet you must carefully think about the timing. That will fix the amazing deal and ease the smoothest transaction. Also, it is a better idea to sell your business once profits are high to captivate buyers. You might also like to sell your business when economic markets are lengthened. Give yourself more time to plan your sale. You must focus to begin preparing your business for sale two years in advance.
  • Get a business quotation
  • You may think of a business cost that is like a house valuation. It’s asking the price for your business, depending on aspects including projected profits. Physical assets, your brand’s reputation, and the industry. There are various methods you can use to value your business. Yet, it also aids to get an expert on board. To provide you with an educated estimate and a detailed summary.

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