Why Starting a Small Business in Retirement Can Be A Lot of Fun

You might find yourself bored or in need of money while in retirement. If that is the case, then starting a small business can be a great solution. Many may think starting a small business is out of reach, but that might not be the case. It doesn’t hurt to talk to other business owners and ask how they got started and try it on your own. Staring a small business can be a lot of fun as it can provide personal fulfillment, bring in money, allow you to learn new skills, meet people, and even challenge yourself.

Starting this new phase in your retirement can be exciting as you begin to put things in place. If you have been wondering how to fill your time during retirement, keep reading to find out why starting a small business can be a lot of fun.

Personal fulfillment

If you’ve always longed to own a small business but never had the time, money, or opportunity, retirement may open that door for you. You would have the time to plan it out and put the business together. As you start the process, it can be fun to do research and make a website. You may even collaborate with others which can be fun to bounce ideas off each other. It can also be satisfying helping others and having people come to you for help which might be a position you always wanted.

Money to do other things

As your business picks up and you start to make a profit, the fun can begin. You now have a secondary source of income to help pay for necessary things such as bills and Medicare insurance. It can also help fund activities that you have wanted to do, such as vacations. You may also make enough to purchase a second home or spend more time with family and friends. The additional income source can allow you to do fun things and try new places.

Learn new skills

If you do not have experience building a business, you will learn new skills as you take on this new project. Learning new skills can be exciting, whether it be website design, IT, packaging, or more. You can pass on your knowledge to your employees or even family members, which can be exciting to share.

Meet new people

As you start your small business, you may find it necessary to hire employees. This requires you to post the hiring position either on bulletin boards in the community or on Indeed, LinkedIn, or Zip Recruiter websites. As you bring in new employees, you will meet new people, which can be fun. You can plan events for your employees for everyone to get to know each other.

This can be most important for those 65 and older as loneliness and depression can increase in your senior years and affect your mental health.


Being challenged can also be fun! Although it may be frustrating at times, once you succeed, you will be filled with achievement. The more you challenge yourself and grow, the more you will want to find new challenges to test yourself. As you set goals and complete them, you can have fun setting new goals to see if you can accomplish them.


Starting a small business in retirement can be fun for many reasons. You can add additional money to your pockets, meet new people, fulfill personal goals, challenge yourself, and more. If you have been bored during retirement and have the means to start a small business, you may consider taking on this new opportunity and have some fun!

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