Most Popular POS Systems For Restaurants

Choosing the right POS for your restaurant is crucial, and several options are available. Read on to find out more about TouchBistro, Revel Systems, Square, and Lavu. They all offer similar features and costs. However, there are some differences among the systems mentioned above. Weigh their pros and cons, and decide if one is suitable for your restaurant based on your budget and requirements.

Revel Systems

There are several reasons why Revel Systems is the most popular and considered the best POS system for restaurants. Initially developed for restaurants, Revel offers advanced management tools, including menu building, time-restricted promotional menus, tip tracking, seat and course management, and easy check splitting. Revel provides one-on-one training and guided installation to help you get started with your new system. Its extensive support and documentation help you get the most from Revel.

Revel Systems can handle every restaurant function. Its user reviews praise Revel’s flexibility and high-volume functionality. Its UI makes it user-friendly and provides intuitive functionality for employees and customers. While it has its fair share of problems, Revel users still give it high marks for its high-volume functionality and flexibility. Revel is also ranked as the 8th best POS by U.S. News 360.


TouchBistro helps restaurateurs focus on their passion while running their business with a complete end-to-end restaurant management system. With TouchBistro, restaurant owners can increase tableside service efficiency, reduce manual error, and improve coordination between the kitchen and dining counter. In addition, transaction reports can be generated automatically, and TouchBistro supports gift cards and loyalty programs. A TouchBistro demo will help you see how this solution can benefit your restaurant.

Despite being one of the first restaurant iPad POS systems, TouchBistro is currently used by restaurants in 90 countries worldwide. The TouchBistro app is easy to use and navigate and boasts over 300 features. The TouchBistro interface is user-friendly and is intuitive for managers, servers, and back-of-house employees. Back-of-house integration is reasonably straightforward, although it does require some menu programming. TouchBistro reports are also available via the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about storing and backing up sensitive data.


Square is the most popular POS system for restaurant owners, but how does it compare to Clover? This comparison is based on the features and functionality of each software. For example, Clover offers robust delivery and online ordering features. On the other hand, Square does not include built-in delivery or online ordering capabilities. To enable these features, you must install Square for restaurants. To learn more, read on!

The first question you should ask yourself is what features you need in a POS system. Many POS providers provide free card readers, but these typically come with a subscription plan that requires an additional monthly fee. Most subscription plans include support, upgrades, and regular updates, but you may need a few more advanced features to meet your business needs. However, you can always purchase software licenses from a third-party vendor.


If you’re thinking about installing a POS system in your restaurant, you should check out Lavu. This system offers a robust feature set, but it can also be demanding and challenging. Its advantages include a host of hardware options, including the kitchen display system and several card readers. Lavu is also compatible with APG cash drawers and other hardware devices, including kitchen displays, portion control scales, and a local server. But be aware that Lavu is only compatible with iOS-based devices, so it’s essential to read up on the contract.

The web portal of Lavu features advanced options and detailed reporting. There are a custom tax profile option and various checkout process settings. It can even track ingredients used. The Lavu app also lets you customize a punch clock for employees. It helps you, schedule staff, set overtime rules, and assign modifiers to your menu items. It’s also fully compatible with multiple payment options.

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