One Stop Guide to Buying Travel Insurance in 2022

As the COVID-19 restrictions ease down, more and more people are travelling to make up for all the lost time of the last two years. Industry experts are of the opinion that people are now prioritizing safety in their travels, whether they are going to a domestic or foreign destination. Unpredictable events can occur at any time, and therefore, it is important to ensure one has a backup. One of the best ways to ensure a financial backup is to buy travel insurance online or offline. It is not enough to just buy travel insurance; one must also ensure that one chooses the right plan. Here is a guide to help you out in the process.

  • Pick the right insurance provider

Many people pick any insurer at the last moment to avoid being uninsured. However, when the need for financial aid arrives, the consequences of such a random decision can be harrowing. Hence, when insuring one’s trip, opt for an insurer that is well-known, has a good claim settlement ratio, good customer service, and offers coverage in a maximum number of countries. *

  • Opt for the travel insurance plan that meets your requirements

With so many types of travel insurance plans available, a traveler no longer has to suffice with a general travel insurance policy. For instance, if you are a student, then you can opt for a student travel insurance plan that is designed to meet your specific needs. If you are a businessperson who frequently travels for business, then there are business travel insurance plans catered towards you. Similarly, there is single-trip and multi-trip travel insurance, domestic and international travel insurance, senior citizen travel insurance, and so on. *

  • Consider opting for additional covers

Regular travel insurance generally covers medical emergencies, trip cancellation and delay, loss of passport and checked-in baggage, personal liabilities, and so on. However, depending on your requirements, you can opt for additional coverage at an extra cost. If you are a pregnant woman or a new mother travelling alone, then you can opt for a maternity and baby add-on. *

  • Avoid buying travel insurance at the last moment

Each destination and travel plan has its own unique set of risks. Some destinations may mean higher odds of your stuff getting stolen or you are suffering a medical emergency. Getting medical treatment in some countries may be more expensive than in others. Therefore, it is important to research the pros and cons of each destination and travel plan and then buy international travel insurance accordingly. *

  • Go through the exclusions thoroughly

Every travel insurance policy has its own set of exclusions. Understanding the exclusion category is as important as understanding the inclusions. It gives you an idea of what to expect in an emergency situation.

Travelling to a new place can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. One may not have the know-how of a particular culture, which can cause problems during difficult situations. Buying travel insurance online can help you receive the right support during such times. *

* Standard T&C Apply 

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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