The Advantages Of Electronic Security In Football Stadiums

Today, with the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, we can say that we have evolved in terms of security. Have you ever wondered how integrated access control logistics work in a football stadium? These places usually hold around 70,000 people in a non-pandemic scenario. This article by forbel chicago will explain the advantages of investing in an electronic security project in football stadiums. Keep reading!

After all, what are the benefits of electronic security in stadiums?

  • Possibility of the integration system;
  • control of the flow of people;
  • 24-hour monitoring;
  • intrusion alert;
  • reduction of fire risks;
  • optimization of stadium administration;
  • discounts on the insurance installment;
  • asset protection guarantee;
  • inhibition of the action of suspects;
  • Immediate call from the Police or Fire Department.

See 6 Options For Electronic Security Projects In Stadiums

1- Access Control

The access control system is an excellent electronic security measure in stadiums. After all, it will be possible to manage the high flow of people entering and leaving football stadiums with this system. With the help of technology, security guards will be able to optimize the entry of permitted employees and fans through:

  • turnstiles;
  • biometric reading;
  • face recognition;
  • access passwords.

2- Video Monitoring

We cannot forget the classic security cameras system part of the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). This system can monitor everything happening in all stadium areas through high-quality images and videos in real-time. For this, an electronic security system company must install the cameras at strategic points to have a panoramic view of the entire environment.

3- Thermographic Cameras

The thermographic cameras are an electronic security option in stadiums that act on public health. Since this equipment can measure the body temperature of up to 15 people simultaneously and without contact between them. In addition, this project suggestion is ideal for planning the gradual return of the public to football stadiums.

4- Presence Sensors

Presence sensors are equipment that detects suspicious movement anywhere in the stadium. In addition, they can be a way of saving, as the lights turn on automatically when there is someone in the place and turn off immediately afterward. It is recommended that the sensors be installed in bathrooms and dark and deserted places, such as parking lots.

5- Fire Alarm

The electronic security project in the stadiums with forbel chicago can rely on fire detection and alarm system. That is a set of equipment capable of detecting any heat, smoke, or flames in the early stages, preventing serious accidents. Even though it is prohibited, some organized supporters manage to enter the stadiums with flags and fireworks.

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