What Is A Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder?

Hydraulic cylinders can be classified into single-acting, double-acting, or telescopic cylinders. Next, you will understand what a double-acting hydraulic cylinder is. The hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator, that is, equipment that moves, contributing to the proper functioning of a machine. It is a fundamental piece of the industry and directly impacts the productive capacity of your machinery.

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

A double-acting hydraulic cylinder like in Сylinders inc for example is one whose fluid pressure is applied to the moving element in either direction. In this way, the hydraulic energy that has been transformed into force is used in both advance and retraction. Due to its function, this hydraulic cylinder has two connections for hoses, one for each movement. Its diameter can vary, with different mounting possibilities. It is mainly used in articulation systems and is present in practically all industrial equipment.

The manufacture of double-acting hydraulic cylinders can be made according to your needs. Thus, you guarantee security to your employees to continue developing quality work.

What Are The Other Types Of The Hydraulic Cylinder?

In addition to the double-acting hydraulic cylinder, there are single-acting cylinders and telescopic cylinders. Check out the features below:

Single-acting cylinders: those whose fluid pressure is applied in only one direction, responsible for the operation of the piston. Retraction in this category occurs by the weight of the load or a built-in spring;

Telescopic cylinders are parts with dual-stage and multi-tube rods, making them especially useful for lifting loads.

In all hydraulic cylinders, it is mandatory to use a hydraulic fluid (specific oil) that receives the pressure, generating the impulse necessary for the operation of the machine.

Manufacture Of Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

From a customized project, according to the technical specifications of each industry or machinery, a hydraulic cylinder offers the best solution for your company not to stop.

The hydraulic cylinder manufacturing service brings advantages to those looking for parts with a warranty and certification. The double-acting hydraulic cylinder is a high-resistance product, which provides long life for the machines and greater daily productivity.

Reliability And Experience

Every piece manufactured undergoes precision and resistance tests before reaching you. This is one of the ways to ensure our commitment to the customer. You should have professionals that offer technical assistance and maintenance support in the event of any future problems with the equipment, including:

  • cylinder reconditioning
  • machining, chrome plating, shirt honing, and parts grinding
  • nationalization and adaptation to the market

There should be many years of experience in the hydraulic and pneumatic field, with prompt service and delivery, without harming your safety and business.

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