What Is It, How Does It Work, And What Types Of The Hydraulic Cylinder?

The main function of the hydraulic cylinder like in for instance is to transform hydraulic force or energy into mechanical force. Practically, it is a way to reduce the physical force exerted by machines through hydraulic potential energy.

In general, this mechanism usually works with different equipment, maintaining the articulation system of the machines and, with the help of oil, making them work.

Both the oil and the hydraulic cylinder undergo extreme pressure from the electric motor to make them work. Therefore, oil is essential for the cylinder to work and other industrial or automobile components, such as the truck cardan. Thinking about the various uses of hydraulic cylinders and their applications in different sectors, we prepared this content to discuss the component and the care needed to make them work well. Check out!

Discover The Hydraulic Cylinder

The device consists of different parts. We can rely on the rod, rod seal, piston, piston seal, wiper ring, fitting, cylinder, rod chamber, and piston chamber. The element that moves the part is called a mechanical actuator. To work needs the energy of a pressurized oil responsible for supporting the pressure and driving the movement of the part.

The force exerted by the operation of the hydraulic cylinder is constant and is maintained from the beginning to the end of the movement of the part. Its speed depends on the applied force, in addition to compression. Used for different functions, hydraulic cylinders usually interact with much larger mechanisms, used on a large scale in the industrial sector to operate machines.

A great example of cylinder application is backhoe loaders, which are responsible for moving the arm and the shovels. Demolition services widely use these machines in SP and the areas of civil construction and industries. Cylinders are also used in agriculture in components that require the application of force, such as tractors, etc. Some hydraulic cylinder models are also part of forklift operation.

Hydraulic Cylinder And Its Application In Various Components

As we have seen throughout this content, the hydraulic cylinder is a component widely used in the industry. Combined with hydraulic oil for machines to help move the part, it integrates the operation of several machines. There are several types of oils, and it is essential to know which one is most suitable for it to perform a good job. The oils receive additives, including detergents, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, additives to withstand high pressures, defoamers, etc. The hydraulic cylinder is one of the most used components in several sectors to carry out heavy work and maintain the relationship of small parts with larger ones.

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