Why a Car Accident Attorney May Consult Expert Witnesses 

Proving a personal injury claim and receiving compensation for your losses require ample evidence. In this type of claim, factual evidence plays an important role. Eyewitness testimony is a significant form of this evidence. An idaho car accident attorney will work with expert witnesses to prove a victim’s claim. The type of experts they work with depends on your case type. 

Often, an expert witness is no associated with the accident or victim. They use their knowledge to help lawyers and juries understand an accident case’s nuances. If the cause of an injury is disputed, both parties will need to give evidence to support their argument. An expert witness does not have a stake in the case’s outcome, so they provide an unbiased opinion. 

Do You Need an Expert Witness?

Sometimes, the court may not require the use of an expert witness. But, this expert can help increase your chances of recovering the damages you deserve for your injuries. Also, they can make a difference in the amount you will get. This is the reason you need to hire a skilled lawyer. Your lawyer will determine whether it is important to consult with an expert witness or not. In general, lawyers consult with these experts when they handle complex cases such as car accidents that involve more than two cars, pre-existing medical conditions, crashes that involve commercial vehicles, and medical malpractice. 

Kinds of Expert Witnesses Your Lawyer May Consult

Your attorney may consult an expert whose knowledge base offers useful details for your case. They usually consult the following, depending on the kind of case they handle:

  • Medical experts. Your attorney may consult with a medical professional who has examined you personally or one who specializes in your condition or injury. They can attest to the extent of your injury and how such injury could impact your ability to work. 
  • Accident reconstruction specialists. This kind of expert witness uses their engineering or physics knowledge to make drawings, digital models, or physical replicas of vehicle accidents. They do this based on testimonies from witnesses and factual evidence. Typically, your lawyer will consult them if there are questions about the crash.
  • Mental health experts. Usually, serious physical injuries can affect a victim emotionally and mentally. A mental health expert can explain how a sufferer’s psychological conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression can significantly impact their ability to work, function on their own, or enjoy life. 

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